Sir Robin was the first person ever to perform a single handed non-stop circumnavigation of the Globe. He was knighted a Commander of the Order of the British Empire by the Queen for this achievement. For years, the sailing industry has struggled to produce a strong medium to heavy weight woven cloth solution for a Tri-Radial sail. Challenge Sailcloth invented, patented and produced the solution. Warp-Drive is made using Challenge's patented process of weaving straight warp yarns in heavy fabrics. The fill yarns take the crimp during the weaving process and encapsulate the warp yarns. Sailmakers then cut the cloth and align the strength of the warp yarn with the load direction of the sail. Warp-Drive™ Race fabrics have zero-crimp warp yarns which give the performance of a laminate with the durability of a woven. 

Performance of a Laminate, Durability of a Woven

Recently, Sir Robin emailed the Challenge Sailcloth head office and wrote:  "I thought you would like to know that after 9000 miles of sailing, all but 2000 competitive, I have not had to do anything with the sails at all apart from taping over a mainsail batten pocket. I think that says a lot for the quality of the cloth." "Got across the Atlantic in under 11 days in the Transatlantic Race. On one occasion 37 miles in 2 hours which was our best." 

Open 60 Sail.png

Laminate fabrics are prone to mildew which erode the material binding the fibers within the film together. Warp-Drive is a polyester based woven construction, which will not mildew. Challenge Sailcloth uses high tenacity yarns. Challenge Sailcloth has created two selections of Warp-Drive™ sailcloth. Some styles are  woven using the same High Mass Fiber Technology as High Mass Fiber Weaves, using larger fill yarns on the surface area of the cloth to increase durability and UV resistance from degradation. These styles are perfect for the long range sailor and those sailing in the tropics. Speak to your sailmaker to choose the best cloth for you!

All Purpose, Beautiful Sails. 

Sir Robin's Open 60 is proof and testament to Warp-Drive's potential on large, high performance boats. In addition to super yachts, sailmakers use Warp-Drive on a number of beautiful applications. The full range of weights available in the product line have been used in demanding one design classes, as well as beautiful classic yachts. Sailors looking for great sailcloth choose Warp-Drive. 

Optimized for UV Protection. 

Warp-Drive™ cruise styles are woven with High Mass Fiber Technology. These styles are 7.11, 9.11, 11.11 and 13.11. Sir Robin chose Warp-Drive for his Open 60 expecting it to perform and endure in UV for the entire race. The fabric exceeded his expectations. 

"Warp-Drive™ is fast and powerful. My sails held their shape and had smooth, clean leeches even in the highest wind conditions. After 20 days on the brutal Route de Rhum, the WD fabric looked as good as new."

- Sir Robin Knox Johnston's blog - Route de Rhum Race

Warp-Drive Cloth Specifications