Challenge Sailcloth's Tall Ship Fabrics have been used in hundreds of ships and schooners for decades. Captains and sailmakers of some of the worlds most prestigious yachts have chosen this cloth for the combination of the ease of handling and classic look, with the best performance engineering that Challenge's Research & Development team has to offer. In this bespoke sailcloth, classic & vintage meet modern technical innovation.  

The demands placed on the cloth that is used in Tall Ships are among the most extreme in the world of sailing. The sails must withstand huge forces that only a heavy, stable ship can generate. In order to meet the requirements, Challenge developed bespoke fibers and fabrics exclusively for Tall Ships and Schooners. These developments bring the optimized UV resistance, tear strength, abrasion resistance and tensile breaking strength. Careful testing was done in the Challenge Lab to ensure that the cloth meets the stringent standards that the most demanding projects of sailmakers bring forward. 

Classic Sailcloth with Modern Technology

Challenge Tall Ship Fabrics are so tightly woven that they can be finished with nearly no resin. During the finishing process, the cloth is heat-set at high temperature to further tighten the weave. As a result, the fabrics can achieve bias stability that is difficult to come by using large yarn constructions, while still maintaining a soft hand that enables easy sail handling.