Challenge Sailcloth is an official distributor of Rutgerson Products. We are committed to providing our customers with the best materials in the world. Rutgerson products have evolved from more than three decades of experienced research & development. Their network of partnerships with world leading manufacturers and designers have fostered superior levels of reliability and trust. 

Challenge provides a premium selection of Rutgerson products for the marine industry as well as many other advanced technical manufacturers. Rutgerson Rings have been used in some of the most demanding applications. Advanced engineers rely on the strength and reliability of their products. Challenge partners with Rutgerson to provide industry leading expertise to provide customers with best in class solutions.

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Featuring: Rutgerson Titanium Super Rings 

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Titanium has become an almost mythic material. It is light, it never corrodes and it withstands time such as its name suggests. Rutgerson has taken the famous Super Ring concept to the next level by making the latest version out of titanium. The titanium ring is a world-wide innovation, which strengthens Rutgerson’s position as market leader even further. 

The titanium rings weigh 50 % less than the Super Rings made of stainless steel. The lighter weight is a fundamental benefit for both sail makers and sailors. As a result, titanium rings are not only suitable for carbon fiber sails, but all kinds of sails where weight efficiency is an important factor. The weight savings are of vital importance to racing-sailors and cruising-sailors alike. 

With the new titanium rings, there is no cutting, sowing, webbing, taping or other action needed, simply punch a hole and press in the ring. The new titanium ring is the most time efficient solution for carbon cloth on the market, as it can be pressed directly onto the carbon sail. During Rutgerson's extensive tests they have never encountered any signs of corrosion. Titanium is a non-conductive material, so it is the best insurance against corrosion. However, the technical development within the sail hardware industry is constant, so it is impossible to know what the future will bring in terms of new sailcloth, materials and innovations. 
Rutgerson is confident that the titanium ring will outperform all other available alternatives - It will be the sailmakers’ best friend.

Titanium has a rougher and coarser finish than stainless steel, which looks great on carbon sails! The rings can be identified by the imprint on the tooth part: Rutgerson SE Titanium. There is a “T” stamped on the liner part as well.

The titanium sizes that are ready to order are 14, 20, 25 and 35 (diameter in mm). Size 45 will be available at a later stage when all the necessary testing has been performed.



Decades of Premium Development

Challenge Sailcloth supplies super rings, titanium rings,  headboards, clew blocks, clew boards, batten cars, slides, systems, batten receptacles and other special order products. Please view the Challenge Sailcloth Hardware Catalog for more detailed information.