Challenges MPC and MPCX cruising laminates are the best solution for sailors who would like to choose a laminate cloth for their boat. The product line was developed as the next generation cruising laminate using all new multi-step production constructions. Challenge uses a balanced base scrim in addition to warp beam inserts that generate superb radial performance. This combination yields a finish specifically designed for easy sail handling. 

How is this different from other Laminates?

Other laminates that do not have a balanced based scrim lack threadline strength in the fill direction, which causes the laminate to fall apart over time. On such a cloth, the sheer forces on the film layers cause abrasion. Our combination of scrim and warp beam inserts in this laminate supports the fabric and generate strength in a tri-radial sail.

What is important about Mylar Layers?

The Challenge cruising laminate line uses two layers of Mylar with three layers of adhesive. This combination is a hallmark of durability and prevents the de-laminating problems that come with some one-layer cloth systems. 

Engineered for performance and durability.

Our laminate cruising lines use UltraFresh™ anti-mildew treated taffetas and industry leading UV blockers to keep the fabric intact over time, which extends sail life. 

The MPCX styles have added inserts that create off-axis support to enhance shape holding ability. This special addition line will be offered exclusively in grey for the 2015 season.