DK™ Dacrons by Challenge Sailcloth are designed for performance and durability. Our team has custom designed the weave, processing, and finishing to make a Dacron product line that has been trusted by the greatest brands to be strong, durable, and beautiful. 

Challenge weaves the DK™ Dacrons with carefully selected High Tenacity 150 denier and 250 denier yarns in a balanced weave pattern. The HT yarns make the fabric strong, and the weave pattern makes it stable and durable.

Challenge has introduced narrow ripstop patterns in the DK™ Dacrons to give the fabrics a new and unique look. Besides a great appearance, the ripstop pattern also generates high tearing strength and industry leading stitch holding ability.

The DK™ Dacrons are produced on custom designed kite-sailcloth machinery. Challenge engineers designed the production model in-house. This makes our finishing process completely unique, and includes the process for printing onto the DK160 Leading Edge and Strut fabrics.