The culmination of years of development, the Challenge engineering team is excited to announce the improved Elite line of spinnaker cloth. Born from a desire to re-design premium nylon for those who demand superb performance, the new material incorporates state of the art proprietary advancements in nylon constructions, finishing technology, and coating systems. 

The new finish achieves zero porosity, which allows the sailcloth to lie flat on the table, exceeding the demands of the most quality conscious sailmakers.

The new styles offer sailors a premium flying experience, with the smooth silky surface necessary to advance to the highest levels of performance. The robust selection of weights allow sailors to feel more connected to their downwind experience through exceptional flying ability, maneuverability and response. These flying properties lead to success and victory for the most demanding sailors in a variety of high performance applications. 

The New Elite PU Coating


Our new air tight PU coating has a silk smooth look and feel. The shiny surface is designed to achieve high water repellent characteristics. Water slides off the kite surface to allow professional level handling. 

Strength to Weight

Elite constructions are designed with the high modulus characteristics that Challenge is known for. The nylon achieves excellent diagonal stability, breaking strength and tear resistance. The fabric remains firm and stable after extended and heavy use. 

Zero Porosity

The new Elite coating achieves zero-porosity. The hard work put into a race will not be lost by air passing through the sail. As important, the fabric lies flat as a board on a vacuum cutting table, easing the hard work on sailmakers. 

Seamstick-able Finish

Each range of Elite fabric can now be used with seam-sticks. The Elite product line is comprised of seven weights to offer sailors and sailmakers the choice of a range of flying properties. The range begins at .83 SM oz / 35 gsm and continues to 1.70 Sm oz / 70 gsm. 

The Elite Spinnaker Color & Application Chart