The Challenge Sailcloth team has decades of experience designing technical fabrics for a wide variety of purposes. Our skill in developing custom fabrics was developed by our our experience designing sailcloth. Sailcloth is among the most technically engineered textiles in the world. The material must perform and maintain its shape under extreme loads, and is designed for very specific applications.

Our core competency is sailcloth, but we are able to bridge the gap between the marine industry and other and technical textiles. We have the ability to go from sailcloth to whatever the customers' need is in the technical fabric arena, whether that is:

  • Coating 
  • Calendaring
  • Fire resistance
  • Air permeability
  • Laminating 
  • Breath-ability
  • Slitting 
  • Weld-ability
  • Custom scrim
  • Soft, medium and firm finishes
  • Custom color & dyeing 
  • Laminate substrates 
  • Custom finishes
  • Fashion and special optic fabrics.  

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