Colored Dacron.jpg

Many sailmakers have built their brand using vibrant colors and magnificent designs. Colored Dacron requires additional steps in the manufacturing process. The industry has faced long term problems in terms of adding dye that does not have an impact on the underlying fibers in cloth. The dye must remain intact over a long period of time and endure UV exposure and abrasion. 

Challenge has developed premium woven constructions using high tenacity yarns to optimize the dyeing process and High Mass Fiber technology for UV Resistance. We have hand selected a variety of weights that are best suited to colored dacron for our customers. Our selected fabrics of 3.8, 6.03, 5.53, 6.68, 7.88, 8.88, 9.88 and 10.88 oz. offer sailmakers a wide variety of cloth to choose from. 

Our standard colors for 3.8 are Dark Blue, Medium Blue, Red, Yellow, Flow Yellow,  Black. Purple, Green and Gold. 

Our standard colors for 6.03 are Dark Blue, Red, Yellow and Black.