Challenge Sailcloth is committed to serving the sourcing needs of our customers. We carry a complete line of hardware products that service the marine industry, and work with suppliers to derive the best value without sacrificing any measurement of quality. Our Research and Development team is at the forefront of innovative technology and selects the best source of hardware available at any given time. Our hardware is selected with the same care that goes into the creation of the best sailcloth and technical fabric in the world. 

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Featured Product

Polyester Reinforced Monofilm with PSA Adhesive 

Challenge Sailcloth produces a durable material that is great for sail repairs. Our MNX3PSA product is a 3 mil polyester reinforced monofilm laminated to an agressive pressure sensitive adhesive. It has been used extensively in load path sail construction and repair. The monofilm is clear, and the cross yarns alternate between black and white. 

Sailmakers can apply the adhesive backed product to the torn part of a sail, providing a quick, load supporting repair to a sail during the middle of a day of racing. The MNX3PSA is a great product to stock for the quick emergency repair that sailors so often need.